Bunion Surgery: Is It The Solution For You?

Bunions often start off as asymptomatic, other than causing your foot to look distorted. But over time, they start leading to aches and pains. Bunion surgery can alleviate these aches and pains, but not everyone with bunions needs or opts for surgery. Some prefer to use less invasive measures like physical therapy and orthotics. Should you go ahead with surgery or stick to these less-invasive (and often less effective) options instead? Read More 

Signs Your High Arches Need Foot And Ankle Clinic Care

A normal arch should have a small curvature in the foot to allow for greater movement and balance and to also help move the pressure placed on the feet appropriately. When you have a high arch, you have what is considered the opposite of a flat arch; instead of having an arch that is abnormally flat and imbalanced, you have an arch that is abnormally high and imbalanced. A high arch is not always a serious medical concern, although it is rarer than flat feet and often caused by bone or nerve conditions. Read More 

4 Conditions That Can Benefit From Orthotics

Orthotics are devices that go into your shoes and provide you with support. Orthotics can be as simple as arch support that you put in your shoes, or it can be a custom-made mold that is designed to keep your foot in a particular position. Orthotics are designed to give you the support you need for your feet during your everyday life or while you are engaging in sports.   Orthotics can help people with a variety of different conditions and ailments. Read More 

3 Popular Types of Cosmetic Foot Surgery

If you do not like how your feet look, you are not alone. Enough people don't like how their feet look that there is an entire field of cosmetic surgery dedicated to changing how your feet look. The three most popular types of cosmetic foot surgery are toe slimming, toe shortening, and toe tucks. Here is a little bit more information about each of these three popular types of cosmetic foot surgery. Read More 

Ingrown Toenail Treatment Tips

Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful. In fact, the pain from this problem can be severe enough to make many of your daily activities difficult or impossible to do. While treating an ingrown toenail can be a fairly simple procedure, patients will often make mistakes or poor decisions that can lead to this problem worsening. Be Aware of the Causes of Ingrown Toenails There is a common assumption that ingrown toenails are exclusively caused by wearing shoes that do not fit correctly. Read More